The Self Reliant Living Radio Show

Date: Tuesday, December 10, 2012


Due to both hardware and software issues plus our program producer being ill with pneumonia, this Tuesday’s radio program will be a re-run of a program originally broadcast on October 2 of this year.


Starting at 8 PM Mountain time on December 10th you can use the following link to listen to the program –


Presentation by Jim Phillips


Who Packed Your Parachute?


The analogy of a parachute works perfectly in relation to your preparedness supplies because you want both to save your life in a time of need.


In the first part of Jim’s “Law of The Parachute,” the parameters that must all be met for survival are: 1) You must have it before you need it, 2) You must have it with you when you need it, 3) You must really know how to use it, 4) You must actually use it, and 5) It must be of lifesaving quality.


Failure of any one of these five will result in your death at the end of the plummet. Of these five, it’s easy to see that 1 – 4 are clearly in your hands, but just who packed that parachute you are trusting your life to? 


This class presents the rest of the “Law of the Parachute” which is all about how to get a parachute of “lifesaving quality”: 

  First the question, “How have you been choosing your parachutes?”  A list is given of the eight most common ways people choose a parachute.

  Next, you’re given the “5-Key Parachute Questions” you must ask yourself and correctly answer. 

  Then, the “Parachute Packer Qualifications” that must be met so you   know that you can trust the packer you are considering,

  Followed by, “How to Properly Choose a Parachute” whereby you can know for certain that you have a parachute you can trust with your life.


Therefore,  up to this point in your life, who’s packed you parachutes and why did you let them do it?