January 2000, American Survival Guide:

Main Topics –          ThermalJohns™ and Jim Phillips,

Quick Overview –   An article describing the function, use, experience and technology behind the ThermalJohns™.  Also includes some of the background and history of Jim Phillips.


January 1985, Mother Earth News:

Main Topics –          PALS™ Roll & Stuff Foam Clothing™ and Jim Phillips,

Quick Overview –   Jim Phillips describes how to make the simple, basic roll and stuff PALS FoamClothing™.


February 1964, Boys’ Life:

Main Topics –          Foam lined mukluk and Gil Phillips,

Quick Overview –   Boys' Life article on how Gil Phillips designed and build the first foam lined mukluk that would eventually evolve into the PALS™ Arctic Boot. You can also link to Boys’ Life online archives at http://boyslife.org/wayback/ - issue=_6Kqsh8FYzsC&pg=50


November 1966, Boys’ Life:

Main Topics –          Winter Camping with Gil Phillips and troop 23,

Quick Overview –   Boys' Life Article on winter camping with Gil Phillips and troop 23 , Santa Fe, New Mexico.  You can also link to the article at Boy's Life online archives http://boyslife.org/wayback/ - issue=HZKNkDkGWjsC&pg=71.  (Note: Scoutmaster Gil Phillips was frustrate at the writer photographer who made the troop set up tents for the article because it was traditional for Boy Scouts to do that.  Gil and his troop did not use tents, but rather wrapped their beds in plastic sheets on the ground.)