EASY-SPROUT™Vertical Sprouter

Why Spout

Most whole-kernel grains, legumes (beans) and seeds are excellent for long-term food storage.

These items store well and are generally much less expensive. 


But many people hesitate storing such basics because they are not accustomed to preparing meals from them. “I guess I’ll need a wheat grinder and a bread mixer too,” is a common response.  You will also need a way to cook or bake; all of which requires fuel or electricity that may not be available in a time of crisis.

Sprouting is the Answer

Sprouting allow you to use whole-kernel grains, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds without the need for fuel or electricity for preparation or cooking.

Sprouts are very high in nutrition. During germination, enzymes convert starches into new living compounds containing a tremendous reservoir of vitamins, anti-oxidant and other beneficial chemistries vital to health.


During times of crisis, fresh raw vegetables may be hard to come by, especially in the winter.

This is also a time when you most need the nutritional value of fresh vegetables to maintain good health.


Sprouting (with the EASY-SPROUT™) requires very little effort and less water than other methods.

Standard Sprouting Challenges

If you have ever sprouted using trays or jars you will have discovered some of the challenges of sprouting; having to rinse often, mold and sprouts that go sour or rot. 


Another significant problem with sprouting using conventional bottles and trays is the amount of water that is consumed in rinsing the seeds and the clean up of the trays or jars.  This could be a very limiting problem during a crisis when safe clean water may be difficult to come by.  You must only sprout with water that is safe to drink and not laced with heavy amounts of chlorine, iodine or other water purification chemicals.

The dual container system of EasySprout™ eliminates these problems.  Plus, its vertical design makes sprouting and storing sprouts much more practical.  

Unique No Rinse Design

The dual container system ofEASY-SPROUT™ provides excellent drainage plus ingeniously uses the heat of germination to circulate fresh humidified air-flow through the sprouts and minimizes the drying effects of air.  Only the tiniest amount of water is required for growth, which a seed takes in during the soak.  Then oxygen does the rest so long as the sprout doesn't dry out.  The unique inner basket and outer vessel design keep the sprouting seed aerated, humidified, but not wet.

Airflow, the right amount of water, and proper drainage are fundamental to successful sprouting. Too much water and poor air circulation can cause sprouts to go sour, rot, mildew or become moldy.

How to use EasySprout™

•  Add up to 1 cup of seeds, grains, nuts, beans or lentils

•  Add water and soak 6 to 12 hrs (depending on the seed)

•  Drain and rinse

•  Llace the inner growing basket into the outer vessel

•  Most seeds require no further rinsing*

*There are a few seed that must be rinsed (follow the instructions)

*Very hot dry climates may require rinsing to prevent drying of the top seeds

•  Most sprouts are ready to eat in 1 to 2 days

•  Eat fresh for maximum nutritional value

•  Refrigerate or store at cool temperatures for days (some sprouts can be frozen for later use)

•  Using three Easy-Sprout™ systems in rotation, you will never run out of fresh sprouts

•  With the Easy-Sprout™ is very simple to keep several sprouters going all the time

Highly recommended by Jim

Jim Phillips has been using the Easy-Sprout™ since 2005 and has recommended it to thousands of people through his classes and publications.  Jim sprouted over 6 gallons (50 pounds) of seeds in his Easy-Sprout™ during a one-year period and happily reports not having lost one batch of sprouts. This definitely is his preferred method of sprouting.  Jim also reports that this is the easiest sprouting method to take on the road and he periodically takes two of them when he’s traveling.


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Don’t wait

If you have never tried sprouts or if you have only tried those served in at salad bars, try a few other types.

Jim’s favorite sprouts are lentils because they are very fast and easy to sprout in the Easy-Sprout™ (sprouted lentils are very mild and taste very different than cooked lentils).  Lentils are very forgiving and almost impossible to make a mistake with (you can over soak them and they still sprout, whereas some other seeds are much more sensitive to soak times).

A quick meal.

Sprouted grains with other sprouted seeds nuts and legumes, served with olive oil, salt and seasonings make a complete meal. This easy to prepare live food mix is like having a salad with balanced proteins, carbohydrates, live enzymes, fats** and vitamins, and the good news is that it requires no cooking. 


**Get the needed high quality fats by adding some first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil to you salad.