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January 2000, American Survival Guide:


Main Topics –     Jim Phillips’ approach to living providently for future events.

Quick Overview  On November 17, 1998 Jim Phillips was a guest on the Coast-to-Coast Live with Art Bell.  Art had invited Jim on the program to present his approach to dealing with the thing highly talked about and full of controversy know as Y2K. 


As Art opened the program he read a short letter that Jim had sent him stating the following, “Y2K is absolutely coming, there is absolutely nothing that can be done to stop it.  Almost everything that people are being told about it or what they should be doing is wrong, and I can prove it.”  Based on that challenge Art decided to have him on the show.

As the show progressed, Art said on more than one occasion that Jim was presenting an opposing view to his personal feelings and to that of most of the guests he’d had on his show talking about Y2K.  During the show there were numerous attempts to pull Jim into the attitude that a Y2K catastrophe was just around the corner.  Jim’s stance back then was (as it is now about future events) that he simply did not know what might happen and how severe it might be.

What Jim said back then is just as relevant to today as it was back then.  (The program is split into two parts.)

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