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Date: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 – 8 to 9:00 PM Mountain Time

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Guest: Dr. Fred Bohman

Things the Garden Center and Extension Service Won’t Teach You

(This program was originally broadcast April 26, 2011)

When growing foods will make the difference in your health and well being, there are things you need to do now and in the future to make it all work.

Today’s hobby gardens are a place to start, but are rarely something you can really live on.  Learn and practice growing the right mix of plants.  Set the soil up to nourish and support the plants that will then nourish and support you.  Don’t pull all the weeds; learn to eat many of them because they are more nutritious than some of the vegetables in the typical hobby garden.

And one more thing, do you have a plan to fertilize your garden when you can no longer buy fertilizer?

Guest Profile

Dr. Fred Bohman was one of the first Peace Corp Volunteers in Central America during the mid 60s where he worked developing community agricultural and educational programs. 

He has worked as a plant pathologist for a large well-known international vegetable seed company.  Dr. Bohman has lived and worked in 27 countries and speaks fluent Spanish.  He’s taught at Brigham Young University in the College of Health and Human Performance and College of Biological Sciences. 

Dr. Bohman has designed and formulated specific recipes for over 100 chain franchises and nutritional foods for humanitarian organizations such as Feed The Children, etc.  He also has extensive skills and experience in primitive outdoor living skills.