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ABC Network - HOME Show:

Date –                        February 1991

Host/ Talent –         Gary Collins & Dian Thomas

Main Topics –          Jim Phillips and snow structures

Quick Overview –   A February 1991 segment on ABC’s HOME Show featuring Dian Thomas and Jim Phillips.  First filmed in a severe blizzard at the top of the Brighton Ski lift (Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah) where Jim demonstrates building a snow house and igloo.  From there Jim and Dian travel to her backyard in Salt Lake City to show how to build a snow-dome or snow-mound house.

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Portfolio of Video Clips Featuring Jim Phillips:

Date –                        Clips from 1982 to 1990

Host/ Talent –         Several

Main Topics –          Jim Phillips

Quick Overview –   A compilation of several news and TV video clips featuring the work of Jim Phillips in the winter, cold and snow.

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