safe harbor

n.    1.  A place of refuge and protection from a storm


n.    2.  A group sharing and advancing a common cause and purpose

Safe Harbor Alliance has been created to fulfill the purpose of helping anyone and everyone who so desires, to secure a more hopeful life in this complex and perplexing world.  The company's mandate is to accomplish this as efficiently as possible by providing a source of practical, tried and true, principle based information and quality products at the lowest prices possible. 

Emphasis is placed upon helping individuals and families to acquire knowledge first, as manifest in strong skill sets, and then to obtain the prioritized material things which they deem necessary to secure a bright and adventurous future.  Simply put, "what you know is more important than what you have."  But once equipped with correct information, that has been converted into knowledge by application and experience, your ability to make wise buying decisions will be greatly enhanced, thereby helping you to expend your valuable resources more prudently. 

Safe Harbor Alliance embraces the belief that you are not prepared until your neighbor is sufficiently prepared and positioned.  Everyone at Safe Harbor Alliance is dedicated to this ideology, and will do all that they can to help you accomplish your own, personalized plan to thrive, regardless of the circumstance.