In a world awash with too much data, the value of reliable, principle-based information has never been greater.  Safe Harbor’s primary purpose is to provide tried and true information that is designed to increase a person’s ability to become more self reliant, and in doing so, increase their survival/thrive quotient. The foundation of your preparedness efforts should be to educate yourself properly.

Information is only as good as is it can be translated into knowledge. And knowledge can only be obtained by applying the information through experience.  This concept of acquiring knowledge is best illustrated in the following equation:

 I x E = K         I (information)   x   E (experience) = K (knowledge)

Safe Harbor Alliance is an industry leader in providing original content dedicated to principle based preparedness.  We believe that it is important to know the why and how of a matter, not just the what.

Our information is available through various media, including: DVDs, CDs, books, manuals, videos, webcasts and podcasts.

Every Tuesday night at 6:00 pm Mountain Time, Safe Harbor Alliance has an original content podcast entitled the Self Reliant Living Radio Show.  Each show is dedicated to a self-reliant or preparedness topic found within one of the 9 Core Preparedness Modules.  This show has been aired every week since 2010.  These shows are available for free listening and can be found HERE or in the ARCHIVE section of the RADIO SHOW page.