Nutrition Is a Vital Key for Well-Being  

Failed nutrition before, during, and after an emergency, whether through ignorance or apathy, sets the stage for loss of strength and health when needed the most.  In the simplest of terms — Good Nutrition Is Not An Option.

There is more to food storage than just putting aside some extra food, and there is more to nutrition than just something to eat that tastes good.  You must learn and correctly develop key principles of empowering nutrition for long-term self-reliance in order to live comfortably and safely through very difficult times.

You must know how to develop a viable approach to providing for nutritional needs over the long-haul no matter what may happen.  Some are easy, some are more challenging, but all are doable.  Begin practicing the principles and methods you will one day depend upon; don’t wait and hope you have an answer when you need it most.

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