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An Evacuation Kit to Live By — Not the Typical 72-Hour Kit Full of Trinkets Bobbles and Beads. (Foundation 1220 DVD – 2 hrs.)

Since the early 1990’s, Jim Phillips has been teaching the concept that Your 72-Hour Kit Could Kill You™”. Nearly every available kit is woefully inadequate! Most of the people who put together and sell such kits lack any actual survival experience. In addition they also don’t have an understanding of what your true needs and priorities are. They do a theoretical evaluation of items with little or no real-world testing of the products to determine their practical applications or their quality and durability. In most cases products selected are the cheapest they can find that look like they might do the job.

In this two-hour presentation Jim explains what’s wrong with typical 72-hr kits and why relying on one could cost you your life. He shows the minimum that you need for a truly functional lifesaving Evacuation Kit that is much more substantial than what you’ll find at the kit store”. He also explains why these particular items and what they are for. If you don’t already have an evacuation kit you’ll be able to assemble one that’s based on correct principles rather than just recycling the typical lists you find. If you already have a kit (one you purchased or built from someone else’s list) you can evaluate it based on the principles that Jim explains in this class. Also contained in this presentation is the mini-course Your 72-Hour Kit Could Kill You” — and Jim is dead serious about that statement. If you’re depending on an emergency kit which you’ve been told has everything you need (but don’t know that it is seriously deficient) you’re set up for physical suffering and emotional trauma that could cost you or your loved ones dearly. Don’t get caught with your kit down.

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