DVD: Correct Clothing is Personal Portable Shelter


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It’s not about style price looks or name brand rather it is about performance safety and comfort.
DVD – 2 hrs. 20 min.

Generally people just think of clothing as something to wear just because we do. In reality and especially during a challenging event what you are wearing is your most immediate and very personal protection from the elements. Most people are very poorly prepared to live out in the elements on their own for any length of time but what if you have no choice? Most especially winter snow and extreme cold conditions are feared cursed and avoided. In this class you will learn that not only is it possible to survive outside in winter but you can actually be comfortable. In fact winter cold snow and extreme cold can be your ally. You will learn about approaches techniques materials and practices that have been used since the early 1960’s which out perform anything you have used in the past. The history and experiences are eye opening and mind changing. The broad depth and types of experiences you will learn about include winter in the high Rocky Mountains January on Mt. Washington New Hampshire winter above the Arctic Circle in Alaska and Canada record setting balloon flights and Apollo 13 Mission Commander James Lovell at the North Pole.

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