Always works in Any Weather or altitude.

Durable: Lasts approximately 4000 strikes. Water Resistant: works even when wet and cold.

Kindling = DRY-little splinters of wood, small twigs, or fuzz sticks, the diameter of a match – to size of a pencil. *You should be able to snap kindling with your hands.

If its damp, split wood and collect the dry inner bits. Even split small sticks and twigs to expose the dry inner surfaces. Use a knife to whittle away the damp bark before using sticks if necessary.
Pine makes better kindling than the hardwoods because it is easier to split down and catches faster.

A greenhorn mistake once tinder catches is: too much, too big, too fast. Many fires have been smothered from dropping big sticks onto a small flame. Take your time and build from miniscule to tiny to small to healthy flames.

Hardwoods (ex. Oak, Maple) burn = hot and long While pine burns = fast with more soot.

Fuelwood in a campfire doesn’t need to be bigger around than your wrist. For big, entertaining campfires, your forearm is a good size estimate but there’s no need to burn anything larger than that.

Fuelwood is the life of the campfire. Fuelwood can be damp because the heat of the fire will dry it and then it will combust. But, don’t be tempted to stack damp wood close to your fire in the hopes of drying it out – that is just asking for trouble

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Always works in Any Weather or altitude.

Durable: Lasts approximately 4000 strikes. Water Resistant: works even when wet and cold.


  1. Remove paint on Flint Striker by scraping with striker or back if knife blade along the rod.
  2. Using the supplied metal striker or a knife blade, scrape the flint with a steady forward motion down the length of the ord. Sparks easily ignite tinder such as dry pine needles, leaves or dry grass.

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