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The hidden deadly disaster that no one talks about or knows how to overcome. Mr. Jim Phillips (one of the top educators in preparedness) in this 4 DVD Set will be presenting this urgently important and almost always overlooked aspect of preparedness. Even the very best preppers are usually ill equipped to meet the human waste and sanitation demands of a prolonged power outage / grid down situation. This could very well be the most important preparedness information you ever see. Take a moment and imagine that your utility services are no longer functioning. Do you know how to AVOID the many problems this creates? Would you know how to continue living in your home comfortably and healthfully? Do you have the answers? Watch these DVDs and you will!!

PART 1 – Failed Sanitation Kills: This is the foundation for everything that follows. It is vital to understand the issues and how truly vulnerable we are based on how things were before our current infrastructure was in place. Each subsequent section presents more key information to solve this most-important readiness challenge.

PART 2 – Care and Disposal of Human Waste: You must have a sewer-down solution. Failure to properly handle and dispose of human waste will spread disease; get this wrong you and people around you will die.

PART 3 – Protect the Home Environment: Whether you have been able to stay at home or have had to evacuate it is imperative to keep the environment around you clean and sanitary. You need strategies to keep things cleaned up have needed cleaners and sanitizers and be prepared for pest and vermin control.

PART 4 – The Priority Need of Personal Care: When the infrastructure is operational (water sewer power heat etc.) personal hygiene is pleasant and easy. Should these things become unavailable for extended periods of time staying clean and hygienic is more challenging but is imperative for heath and well-being.

Don’t Get Caught By This Preparedness Black Hole!

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