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Principles and Practices for Winter Safety and Cold Weather Injury Avoidance
1-CD (mp3) – 11 hrs. & 1-DVD – 2 hr. 7 min.

One thing we can count on is that winter happens about the same time each year. Another thing we can be sure of is that yearly a very large number of people suffer in the cold quite a few end up with significant injuries some then have to deal with long-term limitation having lost extremities and sadly far to many people die from the effects of the cold. Why does this happen? Is it acceptable just to be expected? Can this be prevented?

Most cold injuries and winter deaths are preventable. The real culprit is ignorance that leads to poor planning little or no preparation and wrong actions. Winter Safety Made Real is not a list of equipment you must buy. It’s also not your typical winter class of the same old directions on what to wear and what to eat. People who are steeped in the traditions and habits taught in other winter classes books and videos they may be shocked even offended by this material. But then those are the same people who for the most part are suffering being injured and dying in the cold. Everything in Winter Safety Made Real is based on the laws of nature (physics and physiology) not tradition habit or wives’ tails. Some of the habits traditions and wives’ tails that people live by are dangerous even deadly.

A few that are debunked in WSMR include:

  • Fire is vital for winter trips
  • The colder it gets the harder you must work
  • You need hot food in cold weather to stay healthy
  • Put on heavy cloths to keep warm
  • Drink alcohol to warm up
  • Eating snow will make you thirsty
  • Wool is the best thing to use because it is warmer when wet
  • The only way to dress in winter is with layers
  • All clothing and footwear must be waterproofed.

In fact the truth about waterproof clothing and footwear is that in truly cold conditions they are deadly dangerous. Waterproof/breathable clothing is a myth and for severe conditions you must get beyond the limits imposed by layering. Sound outrageous even blasphemous against the winter doctrine commonly being taught today? I wonder what the truth is really? Find out in Winter Safety made Real.

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