Proper Tools Make All the Difference

By Jim Phillips

We use tools to repair, maintain, utilize, support and create what is needed in all areas of life.  Tools not only make everything work better, faster, and more effectively, there are many things that are only made possible because of specific tools.  You will find critically important tools in all nine of the Core Preparedness Modules.

They are far more diverse than just shovels, hammers and saws.  As an example, a needle is a tool that when coupled with thread allows one to repair, maintain or create articles of clothing.

Some tools are nice to have around, while others are absolutely necessity for one’s well-being.  It will be important for you to develop your own priority list of tools to match your specific situation and needs.

You should consider the importance having on hand extras of some of the most critical basic tools.  First you’ll want to have backup of items you just cannot do without.  For example, I have a fair number of different knives and blades plus several different sharpening “stones”.